2,000 children will try to enroll
for school this year at Project Mercy,
there is only room for 200.

The Cunningham Foundation's
4 Quarters for Kids
Project can help.

Each year, Project Mercy in Yetebon Ethiopia is only capable of accepting about 10% of the students that show up. It costs only 4 quarters for a student to receive nutrition, education, and clothing for a day.

The 4 Quarters program empowers High School students across Colorado to raise money for 1,500 students at Project Mercy.

The 4 Quarters for Kids Mission...

To inspire and to engage its students to be involved and reaching out to students like themselves in the developing world that don't have the opportunity they have.

Our dream is for Colorado to provide the education, breakfast and lunch for 1,500 students in Yetebon Ethiopia so that we can take that message to the other 49 states to follow the lead of Colorado.

Where is Project Mercy?

Project Mercy, the main beneficiary of the 4 Quarters for Kids program, is in a rural part of Ethiopia outside of a small town called Butajera.

The Idea

The 4 Quarters idea comes from the fact that it costs only 1 quarter to provide each of the following in this area:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Uniform & Shoes
  • Teacher & Books


If you have become inspired, learn what you can do at your school or in your community or with your friends today to help! Click here for our FUNDRAISING IDEAS!